Terms & Conditions

  1. The project is open to all artists, amateur or professional.
  2. You may submit up to two applications.
  3. All terms and conditions in this application form a part of the agreement between you and Wild in Art in connection with The Big Hare Trail and Leuchie House and by submitting your work you are agreeing to be bound by all terms and conditions in this application form.
  4. You must be the sole author and owner of all intellectual property rights of the work entered, or if the work is/are not your own in full, you must have sole permission in writing from the copyright owner/s to use his/her work. Source material or proof of permission in use of another person’s work must be made available on request by the selection panel. Wild in Art does not accept liability in the publication of any reproduced art.
  5. The design must represent a piece of work that you have the ability to reproduce on a three-dimensional sculpture.
  6. Any additions or modifications to the Hare must be sufficiently strong to maintain structural integrity of the sculpture and must not cause injury.
  7. To enter, the work must be received by Leuchie House by the closing date of midnight on 5th April 2021. All entries must be accompanied by a completed artist submission form.
  8. No allowances will be made for work that arrives later than the deadline.
  9. By completing the Artist Submission Form and submitting your Hare designs you consent that all data provided by you may be used by The Big Hare Trail, Leuchie House and Wild in Art for marketing, communications and evaluation purposes unless you opt out in writing. We don’t and never will sell or pass on any of your details to another organisation for them to use for their own purposes. We may, however, use third party organisations to help deliver services on our behalf, for example, distributing our email newsletters or feedback questionnaires, or managing participant lists for our events. At all times we will ensure that we look after your details responsibly – and that any organisations using your information on our behalf do the same. For more information please see Leuchie House’s privacy policy at www.leuchiehouse.org.uk/page/privacy
  10. Copyright and all other IP Rights in the design belong to and remain with the Artist. However, subject to Leuchie House and Wild in Art paying all amounts due to the Artist under any final commissioning contract, the Artist grants to Wild in Art an irrevocable royalty free licence to use the completed artwork for Wild in Art’s purposes in connection with the Event, The Big Hare Trail.
  11. You consent to the use of your work, name and photograph in any promotional material carried out by Wild in Art and Leuchie House without any further compensation.
  12. Your Work will be reviewed by The Big Hare Trail team and Wild in Art prior to being shown to the Event Sponsors.
  13. Work will be commissioned following confirmation by the Event Sponsors. This decision on all matters relating to the Work selected to be used is final. No further correspondence will be entered into.
  14. Upon commissioning, Wild in Art will enter into a separate contract with you to include an agreed schedule and the terms and conditions of engagement.
  15. The Big Hare Trail & Leuchie House will provide the Hare at no charge to you. Cost of materials is your responsibility with the exception of varnish, which will be provided. If you are not able to paint the Hare in the painting space, you will be responsible for the cost of transporting the Hare to your studio. In the unlikely event that we cannot provide a painting space, the costs of transportation of the sculpture will be discussed on a case by case basis.
  16. You will provide a list of artist materials – specifically paint, brand and colours used in the application on the Hare.
  17. The Big Hare Trail & Leuchie House reserves the right to withhold any fee payable to you in connection with the event if in its sole opinion the quality of the finished work provided falls below that which can be reasonably expected for public display and/or is substantially different from the design you submitted.
  18. The Hare remains at all times the property of The Big Hare Trail & Leuchie House and must be returned in good order.
  19. If the Hare is returned unfinished by you or deemed irreparable due to damage while in your possession, you shall be charged the full replacement cost of the Hare.
  20. The Big Hare Trail & Leuchie House will award commissioned artists with an honorarium of £900 inclusive of VAT if applicable. This will be paid on completion of the finished artwork, subject to sign off, and all relevant paperwork. Payment will made within 28 working days of receipt of invoice.
  21. Wild in Art may from time to time produce facsimiles of the completed Hare in both 2d and 3d form, excluding figurines. For the avoidance of doubt, any agreement reached in connection with any facsimile of your design should include any consideration to be paid to you by Wild in Art and require transfer of rights to Wild in Art.
  22. Subject at all times to your agreement Wild in Art may produce a figurine of the completed sculpture as part of the Event merchandise. If your Hare is selected to be a figurine, this will be subject to a separate figurine contract and include a royalty fee.
  23. Following the event, the Hare will be auctioned to raise money for Leuchie House (Scottish charity no. SC042249). Artists will be invited to renovate the Hare subject to, if necessary, an agreed additional fee.
  24. By entering your work for consideration to be selected to be used in the Event and for eligibility for payment of the honorarium you warrant that you have all required rights and consents to submit the work and allow Wild in Art to use the work in connection with The Big Hare Trail. You also agree to grant an irrevocable royaltyfree licence to Wild in Art and to use the completed work for the purposes described elsewhere connected with the Event.